Creditea is present in 14 countries and has granted loans to more than 2.9 million customers. It mainly offers 3 different types, depending on the needs: personal loans, line of credit and refinancing.


  • Fast loans of more value, up to € 5000. It is not usual to have such high amounts with this speed, therefore it is a highly recommended option when the urgency is for a high amount.
  • € 0 for opening commission, € 0 for management fees, € 0 for early cancellation. As you hear it, no customer cheating or small print. Everything is very clear so you do not find surprises.
  • Your money in record time. You will instantly receive the answer to your request, but also once accepted, if your bank allows it, you will receive the amount requested by transfer during that same day.


  • At the time of requesting the loan you must be between 18 and 70 years old.
  • Be registered in the Social Security.
  • Have a regular income that can be proven, such as a payroll, unemployment benefit pension or receiving money for a rental.
  • Have a mobile phone to follow the process, and receive validation and continuation SMS
  • Not be included in any list of defaulters. (Although you can accept ASNEF if the debt is declared lower than 150 euros and is not financial).

Loan details:

  • You can apply for a loan for securities between 250 and 5000 €.
  • € 0 for opening commission, € 0 for management fees, € 0 for early cancellation.
  • The interests will be conditioned by the type of profile of the client in addition to the chosen product.
  • The repayment terms will range between the 2 months of minimum duration, up to 3 years which will be the maximum.
  • In 15 minutes you will receive the money once your request is accepted.
  • Minimum TAE 24.90% and maximum 381.28%.

Payment Methods:

Payment Methods:

  • Payment by card: activates the option of recurrent payment by card in the private area. You just have to enter your card number and each month the fee is charged directly, like any other subscription. RECOMMENDED OPTION!
  • Through the Personal Area of ​​the web. You can do it for 24 hours, 7 days a week. Choose the possibility that you like the most:
    • By Bank transfer
    • By debit card
    • Telephone payment with your debit card on 917 935 899
    • Transfer from your bank to “International Personal Finance Digital Spain SAU” Account number: ES91 0049 1892 6223 1327 0010 (Banco Santander)
    • Payment by post: download the voucher in the Private Area and go to any post office to make the payment.

What happens if I can not pay on time?

What happens if I can not pay on time?

  • You must enter your Personal Area and inform, requesting an extension of the term. Once informed, they will be in contact to see the possible options in your case, being possible an extra charge for each day of delinquency.

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